Epic Mickey

I did some work for Junction Point on their Epic Mickey project-Heres one of my concepts theyve posted for promotion-Check out the article here.
Theyre an awesome group of guys with amazing talent and the game is going to twist Mickey Mouse in a pretty dark and radical way. I cant wait.

Disney/Junction Point

After four years away its back to the Mouse House for me. It was never something I would have expected, but the projects they have in the works out here are just too exciting to pass up. A couple weeks ago I started as Lead Concept Artist at the Disney owned studio Junction Point right out here in Austin.

Quite a few years ago Disney hired me as a trainee (fresh out of Art Center) to work on the animated feature Pocahontas. I stayed ten years and worked on seven feature films! It was an amazing opportunity- I had the chance to work with some of the best artists in the business- Peter Clarke, Robh Ruppel, Paul Felix, John Puglisi, Tracy Lee, Armand Serrano, Scott Caple, Colin Stimpson and Kevin Nelson…just to name a few. Its an amazing feeling to be returning- though now ill be working on the video game end of things.

I cant say anything about the project yet- hopefully Ill be able to post some stuff soon as things get released. Trust me…Its going to be awesome. In the meantime, heres a couple more things I did recently while at Spacetime working on the Blackstar project.


I have a secret passion….FLASH! Its increadibly fun for doing graphic style vector animation. I did tons of this stuff over the last few years and its a blast. These were done for my friend Les Sweetow over at www.animatedworks.com. Typically I would design characters and backgrounds and then someone with animation ability would bring it all to life. These were supposed to be in kind of a retro 60s Shag style.


This is a piece I did way back when at Art Center. Its based a Grimms’ fairy tale- A girl is lost in the woods and the trees all around her come to life. Grimms’ fairy tales are a great source of inspiration for me when im at a loss for ideas.

I Will

This is a storyboarded concept I did while working at Project Firefly. I was given free reign to board an animation short that would function as a music video for a band we were working with. I was given the music to work from, the only requirement being that the short would fit within the space of the song.

My idea was based on watching my daughter play with her toys. She seemed to invent whole worlds of characters and situations while playing with her dolls alone in her room. She had an amazing ability to immerse herself in this make believe world where her dolls became real people.

In my short, a grown woman returns to the room that she grew up in, and for a moment is able to reenter that childhood world of fantasy and imagination. At the end the toy box is closed and she leaves the room behind.

After pitching this idea the producer who had commisioned the short just stared at me blankly, uncomprehending. Needless to say this is as far as the project ever got.

Brother Bear

These are a few concepts for the film Brother Bear. The tough thing about this project was to get all the required realism but make it feel like a special unique world at the same time. It was one of my favorite projects at Disney.

From Beyond

A while age some Disney friends and I got it in our minds to do an animated adaptation of H.P Lovecraft’s short story “From Beyond”. The project didnt get very far along but it was a lot of fun doing these character concepts- The conservative looking guy (who bears a resemblance to lovecraft) is the narrator, and the crazy looking old man is Crawford Tillinghast.