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After four years away its back to the Mouse House for me. It was never something I would have expected, but the projects they have in the works out here are just too exciting to pass up. A couple weeks ago I started as Lead Concept Artist at the Disney owned studio Junction Point right out here in Austin.

Quite a few years ago Disney hired me as a trainee (fresh out of Art Center) to work on the animated feature Pocahontas. I stayed ten years and worked on seven feature films! It was an amazing opportunity- I had the chance to work with some of the best artists in the business- Peter Clarke, Robh Ruppel, Paul Felix, John Puglisi, Tracy Lee, Armand Serrano, Scott Caple, Colin Stimpson and Kevin Nelson…just to name a few. Its an amazing feeling to be returning- though now ill be working on the video game end of things.

I cant say anything about the project yet- hopefully Ill be able to post some stuff soon as things get released. Trust me…Its going to be awesome. In the meantime, heres a couple more things I did recently while at Spacetime working on the Blackstar project.

12 thoughts on “Disney/Junction Point

  1. everytghing here is so amazing , thanks for your work ,you’re so talented ! thanks thanks thanks , at least there’s some true artists in our days , i love this job ! see you , i hope . i do not want spread on your blog , but don’t worry i can’t find the words to say that everything is so nice sincerly . bravo

  2. Very sorry to hear about Spacetime but happy to know Junction Point is in good hands. I’m with concept at DIS Avalanche in Utah, just saying hello :) Who else is in the concept department with Junction Point?

  3. Hey i’m waiting for a new post to send a message (and to be sure that you will see it).
    Yours works totally cool !!! I discovered your pencil sketchs at John nevarez blog long time ago.
    Thanks for your comment I’m honorate of that.

    Excuse for my bad english ^^ !

    see you !

  4. Another set of fantastic pieces, Billy. You can do pretty much everything from pencil to PS. Amazing concepts and design as well. Keep it coming my friend.

    Btw, the secret to the xbox 360 thing…tell her it’s “reference”…

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Tom: Theres two other guys currently there: Sam Yeats and our intern, AJ Trayan, both really cool guys. Hope youre all doing well out in Utah.

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