| July 21, 2012

Heres a couple more of my concept pieces that have been released. ┬áThe first one is the library in Monquista (Pirate101)…. And the crab dude is from Avalon (Wizard101).


| July 17, 2012

Well for the last year ive been working on an amazing new game with a great company Kingsisle. Things have been pretty secret but heres a few pieces of my concept art that have been released that I can finally show. Its been an honor to work with these guys- some of the most talented people in the industry- Melissa Preston, Dave Greco, Phu Gaing and Nick Overdiek to name a few. Check out the site here.

Evil Tree

| July 15, 2012

Another old concept pic. Mainly about the atmosphere and mood of the place. This was exploration art for a game idea that has since gone away.
It lives now…only in my memory (thats from the Road Warrior for my fellow nerds!)