Disney/Junction Point

After four years away its back to the Mouse House for me. It was never something I would have expected, but the projects they have in the works out here are just too exciting to pass up. A couple weeks ago I started as Lead Concept Artist at the Disney owned studio Junction Point right out here in Austin.

Quite a few years ago Disney hired me as a trainee (fresh out of Art Center) to work on the animated feature Pocahontas. I stayed ten years and worked on seven feature films! It was an amazing opportunity- I had the chance to work with some of the best artists in the business- Peter Clarke, Robh Ruppel, Paul Felix, John Puglisi, Tracy Lee, Armand Serrano, Scott Caple, Colin Stimpson and Kevin Nelson…just to name a few. Its an amazing feeling to be returning- though now ill be working on the video game end of things.

I cant say anything about the project yet- hopefully Ill be able to post some stuff soon as things get released. Trust me…Its going to be awesome. In the meantime, heres a couple more things I did recently while at Spacetime working on the Blackstar project.