Pirate101 Mooshu concepts

Heres a bunch of characters I concepted for the Mooshu world of Pirate101. they were just released on the website. Theres some pretty cool descriptions of each one of these guys so check it out if you have a chance. Also check out the interview with Jeff Toney on the Pirates of the Spiral. Our game is now in a closed Beta release and the reviews im hearing are amazing. Its definitely been a BLAST to work on a more stylized “fun” game. hard to believe ive been here over a YEAR now. Kinda reminds me of the old Disney days…


Well for the last year ive been working on an amazing new game with a great company Kingsisle. Things have been pretty secret but heres a few pieces of my concept art that have been released that I can finally show. Its been an honor to work with these guys- some of the most talented people in the industry- Melissa Preston, Dave Greco, Phu Gaing and Nick Overdiek to name a few. Check out the site here.

Evil Tree

Another old concept pic. Mainly about the atmosphere and mood of the place. This was exploration art for a game idea that has since gone away.
It lives now…only in my memory (thats from the Road Warrior for my fellow nerds!)

color sketches

These are really fun to do- just fast environment sketches with big shapes of graphic color. The main idea here is to quickly establish a mood with lighting and color. I didnt want to spend more than an hour or two at this stage because the point is just to see if the level can communicate the right atmosphere for the story note.

These were done for an unnamable and cancelled project.

STAR WARS (Force Unleashed 2)

We just shipped FORCE UNLEASHED 2 for the WII a few days ago and its one of the coolest games Ive ever had the pleasure to work on. The guys at Red Fly did an amazing job and my kids and I have been having a blast playing through it. Its an honor to be able work on paintings in the Star Wars universe. To think I was just a wee lad of nine when the first film made a HUGE impression on me! (OK..that dates me I know!)

space concepts

Concepts for a kids Flash game. Project didnt get very far but it was a blast to work on. There is something really liberating about working in a more graphic style- just simple fun shapes without much rendering or textures. Its more about the composition and simple color ideas. the movie The Incredibles is a great example of what I mean. I think kids respond much better to this kind of thing. When we get older of course we just want to see dirty ultra textured realism.